Taming chaos is all I art about

 I looked at my artwork gallery recently through the lenses of collection I gathered and published on Instagram. All small square pictures pop out once you scroll down your profile- probably the only visual social platform's feature that I enjoy. I looked at all those boosting journals, crazy patches of colours, my inner landscapes emerging from book pages, sketches with uncontrolled lines, contrasting visual ideas, colours that would rather not meet on a colour wheel, the images I created from invisible consciousness and visible expression. And I came to one conclusion about the art I devoted my time to. I try to tame the chaos- chaos of my mind that can only be partly expressed through the colours, shapes, lines, forms and layers.  My art often starts with chaos and free expression to the limits of how much visual can I put on the page/canvas. Then I start navigating through those shapes to find my way and new path to peace...

The way canvas starts is rather not structured in creation of intuitive art. I discovered that involving more sensory aspects to that stage brings the whole creative process to a new perspective. Motion for example is the way we let the art material to move on the ground but also it can involve our whole body. We may sit on the floor and see how creating on a big paper engage the whole figure to move around. Motion of holding the medium- from brush to a crayon- what angle it is held and how far from the paper or canvas. It all makes that bridge of communication between ourselves and the creative act. And from that place once we involve more senses and our bodies into creation we are able to let out more things. So my canvases often start with that full on chaos- colour that feels right, lines that are maybe rapid in movement are serving initial response to openness and readiness to realise. I try to switch of the visual barriers here, questions like "where is that leading to" are rather useless on that stage. There is a chaos for the reason and that chaos will lead to peace.

So taming that noisy chaos progress slowly to creative practices like: eliminations, working in layers and building up from what can be seen. Sometimes it feels like a dance- two partners- me and art and stepping in, stepping back, stoke here and some paint off there...This is my dance with art and my taming it...then the time arrives when I feel it is done in both ways- visually and mentally. The chaos converted into something I feel connected to and there is no need to add any more marks.

This is how I create my inner landscapes...they come from within...


Wishing you interesting inner journeys into your creative world!


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