Allowing yourself to be a child


“Some items can move us in time- from now to old past- we find our souls yearning for lost joy, time, sensations and experiences.”


Have you ever come across an object from your childhood that you almost forgot about for years and suddenly it transported you into the world of so many memories that it became a time traveling tool? Sometimes it is just a smell of something you remember, or the actual object-more material thing. I had this experience with some art materials from my childhood. I was gifted a traditional Polish drawing pad and found here in England gouache paints that are almost like poster paints I remember from 80ties in Poland. I touched that paper, I smelled the paint, dipped the brush in water and then in the paint... The mark was made on paper and…boom! I was transported in time!

There is much in past time objects in terms of sensations they are capable to awake in us. As I painted on the paper many memories came to mind but what was more profound was what was happening to the way I felt. I somehow connected with that child I used to be, I felt free and careless, ready for adventure, ready to play. Colours were here for my enjoyment and experiments, there was so little worry what it is going to look like. Openness to explore, experiment and just be in that creative moment became the driving force for action. Sensory elements like smell, texture, colour, movement on paper were all somehow merged together to give me the sensation of being involved in creative child play. It has to be experienced to be fully understood. How much joy and play from childhood we gave up on in our adulthood? Did we really have to give up on it all? What were the habits of you as a child? Playfulness is not reserved for kids- it is a natural human ability bringing joy into the our souls old folks! :) Somebody asked me- what if I was not making art as a child or what if I did not have a creative practice? Ok let's clarify- paint works for me because I am the painterly soul but everyone as a child was creative because creativity is as old as the beginning of human creation. If you ever observe a very young child who is given some toys or even items like a wooden spoons you will quickly pin down main characteristics of that child behaviour like openness to exploration, touch, experimenting with the object, trying to get it working in variety of ways. The child is likely to have "what happens if" attitude and engages in play very naturally. There is a stream of imagination, free adventure and lack of worry about breaking things. Some of you maybe played on music instruments, some remember drama plays set up with cousins or maybe some like me were messing about with colour. Some of you maybe danced in room with your own shadows or were kings and queens of domestic theatre shows. What ever it was try to find it in your memory. Take your time to journey back to time when joy and play were present in your life, when you felt free and eager to play and explore. Once you find it see if there are any actual object, materials, tool that were used at that time. Did you use to make paper crowns for your play costumes, did you paint on a big paper pad like me or maybe were writing tones of secret diaries? Were you an actor, writer, painter, gamer or a sportsman? Once you define the object associated with it take some time to connect with this object again. Devote time and space to meet with your inner child. It maybe a painting session, writing time in a notebook that looks like the one from years ago, or time spend on playing on the instrument- it doesn't have to be professional! Just the experiment, the play, moment to connect. Let go off judgement and just try to do it for your own sake! Many years ago I remember I was passing a playground and few girls were playing a hopscotch on a pavement. I watched and let them play. Later I went to a shop and bought a box of chalk. This evening was my time! In my back yard I drew a hopscotch grid and started jumping!  There is always something that will let you to connect with inner child. Find it and try today!

That free of inner critic moment combined with joyful feel opens up being in a moment and gives a chance for experiencing healing power of being rather than doing. Yes we are "doing" but that becomes the channel to being as it is focuses on the moment and now. 



Wishing you a great meeting with your inner child!












And I could not stop myself with just one piece. I returned to that drawing pad and used…all pages! That is how collection of playful and colourful experimental abstracts was built. Then I found the old art folder too that I put all those pages in and keep to remind myself- You are still that child! And always be! Do not forget!






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