Painting as going beyond yourself

2 years ago I never painted anything in my life (ok painted bedroom wall and  my nails maybe few times). A paintbrush was an enigmatic tool reserved for those special people who were born gifted to be able to produce images with that magic wand…



I never even imagined, expected or suspected I could be painting in my life. Why are we resistant, afraid or even scared of painting? I don’t know your personal reasons or reasons of other people but I wonder if my case is the one shared by few more. I was afraid of the fact that there is a massive judgement process behind the paining- others judging, myself judging, my family and friends opinions. That is one site. The other site is a preconception engraved in our modern life and creating belief that painting equals fine art and galleries. Why do we do that to ourselves- put judgment and socially dictated expectations on painting? Why kids can paint and then suddenly decide that the final image is not what been expected and give up the total joy paining brought to them?

I am not a great, realistic painter, I have no art education and I am not interested in selling my paintings. But I still paint and crave every day for more…More the process where I stand in front of the canvas and its blank and I start to put the first layer- magic happens then. Time doesn't exist, there is no distraction either fear of expectation. There is curiosity, joy, listening to yourself and letting the paintbrush lead me to pure expression.

I wish more people could break that fear of expectations, judgements and see paintings as pure joy of the creative process…But it is hard in our modern society focusing constantly on results, outcomes and meeting certain standards. Try to tell somebody you do paint and the first response in majority cases would be “What do you do with it, sell?” Sell my soul…no…thank you very much…


Go and paint today! For the sake of your pure expression!

P.S This is a very short post probably sparking few more on perception of art and creative process in our society…I can feel there is more coming…;)





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