First marks

  How do I draw? The thing is I fall in love from the first marks and lines I put on the paper. My art from the early stages of creation must draw me in with intensity and attraction. Drawing must draw me in. I was wondering about this process and how do we approach creating art. Are we attached to this first line or do we move towards creation of the final marks?

  Drawing is one of those practices when just few lines can give me a vision of how the piece is developing and after few initial shapes, I start being captivated to the extend when struggle to step away from a drawing board. There is something about simple pencil that I can not describe- its a magic of simple line that can create life on the page. And maybe this potential is something why artist do return to pencil drawing so often or use as a portable art material on the go. Sadly, drawing and pencil is often the medium people dread. It can evoke memories of old preconceptions often verbalised in statements like: “I cannot draw”, “My drawings looks like nothing what it meant to be”. Myself I had been a late drawer- I also believed for many years I could not draw. In my thirties I developed practice of drawing and discoveries after initial struggles I loved working with drawing in expressive way. I am fascinated by variety of marks, thickness of lines, possibilities of values creations and so much more drawing can provide. So coming back to the first lines- drawing gives this beautiful promise when we put first marks down. We envision the final result only to realise later this is not going into direction we wanted. And this is often the problem- we start being attached to vision in our head and forget about the true beauty of practice of drawing. We mentally rush to final destination, reward in a form of well executed drawing. What I learned this is a fast way to a bitter disappointment. Allowing ourselves a different attitude provides more joy of drawing and excitement of creativity. Stop for a while and look at the first marks- allow these marks to guide you- not your head’s thoughts. Where are those marks leading you? Do they tell you that reality can be interpreted differently? This is a moment when drawing can take new, exciting direction and create exploration of world rather than replication. I am wishing you to be drawn to this beautiful way of drawing.

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