Blank canvas of future

I have never had the feel for planning, setting goals, over planning, hitting targets. Despite the fact that I can throw myself into creating like a mad person without limits and forgetting about eating I still could never been a "planner". Recently I came across an article that used visual and art metaphor for a different approach to how our mind function with future planning, when we employ rather "now" approach that has nothing to do with hitting targets. And that was a realisation for me that actually approaching life like I approach a painting at many occasions can work quite wonders! So again art is teaching me life...because as Socrates said  "I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance!"

 So we all probably know the typical approach to life planning- setting goals and trying to come closer to them. It unfortunately generates one simple mechanism in our mind- we see where we want to be, we see where we are result see the massive, depressive gap between those two stages. That can demotivate, create fear and feeling of resignation. For me personally that also create unpleasant pressure, the comparison mechanism that makes me feel small and inadequate. But we could also have a different approach to it. Be re-creators of every day, seeing life/days as blank canvas that we approach with less expectation and more curiosity about what can be created here. And that speaks to me a lot! Imagine that! Every situation, single day is like a blank canvas of massive potential. Like the painting based on feelings and intuition. You do not know the outcome but you go with the flow. Because the flow is exciting as the process itself. And you do not judge the outcome because you started it with an open mind so there is no taget to hit either any objective to fulfil. There may be a surprising bonus all way long- it may lead you something else, you may find new solutions you did not know about.

At the core of that simple more organic solution (because this is how nature reacts too) is creation! You are the creator of every day and moment! At some of my therapeutic arts courses I often hear "Oh can I do it? I am not so creative!" Are you not really? I ask- who wakes up every day to start a new blank canvas of life? Who creates that day- decide what to do, how to feel, what to wear. Who reacts to the weather, other people's moods? Yes it is not always a great reaction but you are the creator of that moment, you decide how to react. The same way you decide when you create -what colour to pick up, what brush stroke to apply, what line to draw. And this is all because creativity is a natural force of human being and I can see that when people being told that naturally they are being creative without need to be artistic- they can suddenly re-discover that power within. 


So be your own creator and get your expression on this canvas of future life!



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