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 Art journaling, visual journaling or simply personal, creative diary- many names but also many people who can confirm that that form of art has a massive healing capability. Books are and have been the personal thoughts collectors for centuries. From written forms to more expressive ones- journal is always the trusted companion. Gradually my art journaling practice took me on this journey as discovered more and more that it can heal, reveal, tell me so much that is beyond possibility of expressing with words. Inspired by work with others and guiding them on this self-discovery journey I decided to release new series on You Tube channel. After the initial “Subconscious collage” followed by “Behind the journals” series this time I am taking a plunge into a strongly therapeutic aspect of visual journaling. Join me!



The series is meant to inspire, encourage to turn up to the journal with an open heart and explore. Each episode touches a different aspect of creating in a journal- from the initial fear to getting fully involved with the practice. The clips as my previous work are not “technical instructions”- they do not teach you “how and when” but rather serve the purpose to awake the mental awareness and understanding of the process you may go through.


“Openness” is the first episode of the series “Therapeutic visual journaling” and takes you on the journey of exploration of each stage of visual journaling for therapeutic purposes. Each step is different and we can find ourselves being not able to move to the next one for some personal reasons. We may feel “stuck” sometimes or scared to take the next step. This concept is based on gentle approach and trust into self-introspections abilities. It also supports person-centred orientation with emphasis on trusting self-feelings and intuition as the best guide.  All videos are capturing moments of creativity, close ups of pages and work with art materials. There is also a narrative that can be used as guided meditation if you prefer. 


“Openness” is a gentle invitation to therapeutic practice of art journaling- opening to treating those pages as your trusted companions for soulful expression. It is the first step before actual creation happens, the mental state of your mind that allows to explore so much more through art. And art heals…






Invitation to therapeutic art journaling




“We create books and we trust them


There is an unquestioned trust and boundless intimacy tucked between pages


Feelings are pouring out, wonders are expresses and fears exposed


This is a safe and personal place for conversations with authenticity, raw reality and dreadful thoughts.




All you need to start is openness


Openness of your gentle heart and sensitive soul


Openness of your eyes and ears


To what is whispered in your mind but could be shouted between the pages




There is that fear that makes you want to run away


But stay and stay open.


Openness is gentle and takes you on the journey of self.


Stay and trust.




All you need is here


You do not have to prove to be talented, extraordinary, and successful or the best.


Just open your mind


And turn up.


That is all you need






Now go on and open your journal.















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